We offer CCTV Solutions for your Home or Business
ELA Security are your CCTV security camera system specialist.

We provide a full range of security cameras including CCTV cameras, network IP security cameras as well as customised security systems for your home or business.

Our service extends to the full design, supply and installation of our products. We cater for small or large installs of CCTV systems and have some impressive clients in our portfolio.

We design, supply and install for commercial buildings, apartment buildings, schools, shopping centres, office blocks and schools.

For over 30 years we have been the market leaders in I.T. based surveillance solutions and equipment, designing and installing security systems to some of WA's most well known businesses.

We offer cost effective solutions using the latest technology and we can customise a security camera system to suit your requirements.
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CCTV Brands

HikVision CCTV installation in WA from ELA
dvtel CCTV security at ELA
ELA supply and install Bosch CCTV in WA
panasonic CCTV at ELA Security Australia
Access Control Systems
Specialist Systems to Control Who can Access Your Building, Home or Business
Access control systems allow you to monitor and control the movement of staff, other persons and vechicles accessing or already on your property or facility.

ELA Security controlled access systems are scalable, so whether you have a small property or a massive facility, our access control systems can be tailerd to your specific needs.

We can utilise your existing IT infastructure to work with the system or we can build from scratch.

Entry to each area or the entire facility is granted to each user or vehicle. These access control systems can be simple or complicated depending on the number of users and the nature of the area you wish to control access to.

Access can be vmanaged to control the safety of staff and visitors to your property. Handle emergency situations by responding immediately. Lockdowns and alerts can be monitored remotely or on site from a user interface. Can be integrated with CCTV.

Security access systems are controlled via computer software which can be operated remotely or on site. Take control of your security today by contacting us for a chat and a quote.
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Access Control System Brands

Bosch access control systems from ELA security
Tecom access control systems from ELA security WA
Integriti access control systems supplied installed by ELA
Intercom Systems
Secure Apartment Buildings and Private Facilities with Video and/or Audio Intercom Systems
Intercom systems can be either video or voice systems. Our Video and/or Audio Intercom Systems, small point to point or large Apartment blocks including lift control

Video Intercom systems allow you to monitor who is at your door or gate prior to gaining entry. Our installations offer a level of security and the ability to archive data.

We install these systems into mainly apartment buildings, however an intercom system can be installed into any home or business. We supply well known brands such as Samsung, Bticino, Dallas Delta and Hikvision.

ELA Security have installed intercom systems into apartment buildings to increase security and monitor foot traffic.

Voice only intercom systems can be installed to add an extra layer of security where visual of visitors is not required.

Contact us to discuss which intercom system is right for your building, home or business.
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Security Intercom System Brands

Intercom system brands include hikvision
Samsung intercom systems from ELA security
bticino intercoms from ELA security
Intercom Dallas Delta supplied by ELA security
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