We supply and install the following access control products:
·         Tecom ,
·         Integriti-by Inner range
·         Bosch
·         Paxton wireless systems
Paxton access control is a fully wireless system ideal for installations in established offices and shops as it does not require any cabling to be installed.
Using access control you can control and monitor access to and from your business using various forms of access control products such as:
Ø  Contactless card readers
Ø  “Airkey” type wireless fobs
Ø  Key ring type fobs
Access control can be used to control vehicle gates remotely, time zone control of auto doors in shopping centres and offices as well as control of access to secure areas for particular persons. Access control gives you a full audit trail of staff movements to and from your offices.
 Systems offered include TCP/IP connectivity or full wireless technology. We offer systems suitable for small standalone installations or large multi door systems.
All systems can be used for either intruder or access control only or fully integrated access and intruder detection.

We supply a comprehensive range of CCTV products including cameras, digital recorders and monitors. Our systems are suitable for most applications, and use standard video cabling, TCP/IP networks or wireless connectivity.
As a Bosch and Hikvision partner ELA Security can offer some of the most advanced CCTV products available. Bosch Security products offer the latest technology and all Bosch products can be interfaced together under a single software control package for a seamless control. Hikvision has the largest range of CCTV products currently available. We also offer other CCTV manufacture products such as AXIS and DVTEL.

We offer almost any branded CCTV products suitable for large or small installations. All products are covered by our 12 month warrantee.
Types of cameras we offer include:
Ø  Miniature cameras
Ø  Dome type cameras
Ø  Cameras with built in IR lights
Ø  PTZ cameras.
Ø  Number plate recognition cameras
Systems offered include small standalone systems to large multi functional IP systems controlled and viewed remotely and using standard hard wired RG 59 cable and Cat6e networked connection as well as wireless microwave transmission, or a combination of all of the above.